Introducing Google Drive Integration

Jonathan Lin · Fri, Jan 5 2018 in Updates

Google Drive integration is available to all PageDash subscribers (paid users).

When this option is enabled, PageDash will backup your pages to Google Drive once a day, progressively. This means that PageDash will backup a fixed amount of pages from your account to Google Drive every day. If you saved more pages that day, PageDash will resume backing up the following day, and so on. The expectation is that the backup will eventually catch up.

To enable this option, go to Settings:

You will see the Google Drive setting:

Note that saved pages are stored in the ZIP format to reduce the amount of space pages take up in your Google Drive account.

More importantly, if you decide to delete or remove your pages, PageDash will not attempt to re-sync pages that have already been backup up (so please just leave it folder as it is or store it somewhere else). At the moment, pages are stored in a folder in your root folder called “PageDash Backups (Autogenerated)". If PageDash finds the folder missing or inaccessible, it will recreate another folder with the same name. This can happen if you deauthorized and reauthorized PageDash via your Google Accounts. PageDash will be unable to see the folder it had access to in the past.

Click on “Authenticate with Google Drive” and sign in with your desired Google Account. The Google sign-in page will replace your PageDash application momentarily.

Note that PageDash only requests for the minimal permissions necessary to perform the backup. PageDash will not be able to view any other files in your Google Drive; it can only view and manage the files it has created.

Once you click “Allow”, you’re redirected back to the app, and you’re all set!

Click on the Google Account link seen in the above image to check or revoke PageDash permissions to your Google Drive. If you revoke, PageDash will eventually figure out that it has been kicked out of Drive 😢.

That’s all, folks. Super easy!

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