Introducing Full-text Search (English)

Jonathan Lin · Tue, Nov 21 2017 in Updates

If you are a PageDash subscriber (paid user), you can now search through pages stored in PageDash.

Here are some search tips to help you get the most out of search:

  1. Search using keywords, e.g.
    oliver recipe
  2. Use full words instead of abbreviations, e.g.
    instead of
  3. Use multiple keywords to narrow down your search, e.g.
    oliver recipe chicken
  4. Use
    to exclude certain keywords, e.g.
    recipe !chicken
    returns recipe pages that don’t use chicken.

PageDash begins indexing your pages after you subscribe. In most cases indexing should complete within hours, depending on the number of pages you have. Newly-saved pages will become searchable within 15 minutes.

HTML pages in English (and other Latin-based languages) can be searched. We are still working on searching within PDF content, as well as full-text search support for Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. Stay tuned.

Let us know whether search works well enough for you! Send feedback to support@pagedash.com.

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